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"Vigilance" is a new, thought-provoking podcast and content series designed for Fortune 500 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), delving deep into the multifaceted and ever-evolving realm of corporate cybersecurity. This series, expertly hosted by Pam Brodt, founder of The Roundtable Network, is more than just a discussion on cybersecurity; it's an exploration of strategic foresight and actionable intelligence in a space where vigilance is non-negotiable.

Each episode of Vigilance will tackle pressing questions and explore emerging trends in cybersecurity, from the defensive and offensive uses of AI, to the intricacies of legal landscapes and the transformative potential of automation.
With an extensive lineup of topics like quantum computing, supply chain security, and the evolving role of CISOs, this series not only addresses the current cybersecurity landscape, but also anticipates its future trajectory.

At its core, "Vigilance" is a beacon for innovation and emerging solutions in cybersecurity, simplifying the complex decision-making processes that CISOs face daily. The series is a confluence of strategy and substance, a platform where the foremost cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow are not just discussed but dissected and understood. Vigilance is transforming the way Fortune 500 CISOs approach and master the dynamic world of cybersecurity, shaping a more secure and informed future for the corporate world.

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