The Roundtable Network

Putting New, Game-Changing Technology in the Hands of CISOs.


No one is busier than today's CISO. 

How do you find time to filter through 1000’s of vendors to find the ones worthy of your time? You know you need technology to win the war, but the avalanche of vendor cold calls forces you to push it all away.

The Roundtable Network, and its long-earned trust from the CISO community, carefully curates four to five vendors per quarter that solve critical problems. All done efficiently and at no cost.

The Roundtable Network has been, by far, the most time efficient and effective way to assess impressive new security companies and technologies. Pam does a great job of using her network and experience to make these conversations relevant to the risks and programs that matter to CISO’s / CSO’s. I highly recommend becoming a member of The Roundtable Network.
— Gary Warzala, CISO, Fifth Third Bank
Pam has a deep understanding of cybersecurity combined with an honest approach to business. She values long-term relationships over short-term transactions. I’ve worked with Pam for 13 years, and I recommend her highly.
— Shamla Naidoo, Global CISO, IBM