The Roundtable Network ensures CISOs/CSOs are kept current on new cyber security solutions that are critical to securing their enterprise.

With >6,000 vendors in the cybersecurity space, our expert curation saves time, educates and de-risks technology investments. Incrementally, we collect and share, without attribution, valuable peer data that provides informal benchmarking and delivers golden nuggets that can sharpen your security program.
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how it works

Our delivery platform is personal and time-efficient. In a private, one-hour, one-on-one meeting, CISOs in the Network are educated on three to four game-changing security solutions each quarter. This exposure to startups is vital to increasing security, long-term planning and staying competitive.

With access to newly vetted information security solutions from trusted investors, peers and industry experts, CISOs get a view into how technology is evolving to meet their needs, and which companies are worthy of engagement.
There are no costs for any of The Roundtable Network services. If a CISO identifies a vendor as worthy of deeper review, the vendor compensates The Roundtable Network. It’s important to underscore that there is no monetization unless value is delivered. Additionally, the CISOs in the Network will often ask us to find a solution to a problem where vendor fatigue has set in.

If you are a CISO and are interested in joining the network, please visit this page.

‍Thank you for 17 years of support, and your invaluable feedback on how to best serve you.

Pam Brodt

Pam Brodt is a renowned cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur, highly respected among Fortune 500 CISOs, tech vendors, and investors. Founded in 2004, The Roundtable Network quickly became a leading forum for top CISOs to address key information security issues.

This network has been instrumental in curating technology solutions for an elite group of Fortune 500 CISOs, enhancing their security strategies and keeping them ahead in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Under Pam's leadership, The Roundtable Network offers a unique, no-cost service to CISOs, providing valuable, time-efficient quarterly sessions on transformative security solutions. This agnostic model ensures CISOs stay informed and competitive, with monetization based solely on delivering genuine value.
“Thanks so much for helping me, and all the CISOs, as we simply don’t have the time to understand what technology trends are making an impact and which ones are not. You are a huge help to everyone.”
“Pam makes my job so much easier.”
"Matt and I get a lot out of our sessions with you; thank you Pam!"
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