Do US SEC Legal Actions Put CISOs at Risk? With Global CISO Shamla Naidoo

March 6, 2024

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Vigilance, our new podcast and content series designed for Fortune 500 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Every month, we’ll be diving deep into the multifaceted and ever-evolving realm of corporate cybersecurity. This series is more than just a discussion on cybersecurity; it's an exploration of strategic foresight and actionable intelligence in a space where vigilance is non-negotiable.

I’m thrilled to be joined by Shamla Naidoo in our first episode to discuss how the US SEC legal actions put CISOs at risk. Here is a quick outline of what is covered in this episode:

  • The impact of the SEC’s legal action on CISOs
  • Understanding the risks and liabilities of a CISO role
  • The importance of clear job descriptions
  • Balancing professional & personal accountabilities
  • The role of indemnity in protecting CISOs
  • The Importance of Documenting Decisions and Actions
  • Effective Communication and Reporting Strategies

With over 42 years working in the tech sector, Shamla has served as a CISO for major corporations, gaining first-hand knowledge of the role's complexities. In addition to her CISO background, she holds a law degree, giving her an invaluable legal perspective on the regulatory and liability issues confronting security leaders.

Currently, Shamla serves on the boards of public companies, leveraging her seasoned understanding of both corporate governance and cybersecurity dynamics. She also advises an emerging cybersecurity startup, staying actively involved with innovative technologies.

Additionally, she teaches courses on technology law and policy at the University of Illinois Chicago, helping shape future business leaders and policymakers.

With her diverse background spanning CISO leadership, legal expertise, corporate board experience, and academic roles, Shamla brings unparalleled insights to any conversation on cybersecurity.

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