Pam makes my job so much easier.
— Patti Titus, Chief Privacy & Information Security Officer, Markel Corporation
Pam is a mind reader; each quarter I’m amazed that the solutions she brings forward are spot-on with technical issues we are grappling with today.
— Allan Porter, CISO, Sun Life Financial
As any CISO can attest, we get bombarded daily with emails, phone calls, mail, and LinkedIn requests from security companies wanting us to view what they invariably tout as the “missing piece” in our security arsenal. Pam really helps me cut through all that to focus on 4 to 6 pre-vetted solutions to review quarterly. As the “The Low-Cost Provider”, the fact that this doesn’t cost me anything other than an hour makes it all the more appealing.
— John O’Keefe, CISO, GEICO
Pam has a deep understanding of cybersecurity combined with an honest approach to business. She values long-term relationships over short-term transactions. I’ve worked with Pam for 13 years, and I recommend her highly.
— Shamla Naidoo, Global CISO, IBM
With new security startups popping up all the time, it is hard to filter through the noise to find the diamonds in the rough that warrant an investment of my time. The Roundtable Network has proved to be an excellent filtering mechanism where I am exposed to a select few startups that warrant a closer look.
— Colin Anderson, Global CISO, Levi Strauss & Co.
The Roundtable Network has been, by far, the most time efficient and effective way to assess impressive new security companies and technologies. Pam does a great job of using her network and experience to make these conversations relevant to the risks and programs that matter to CISO’s / CSO’s. I highly recommend becoming a member of The Roundtable Network.
— Gary Warzala, "previous" CISO, Fifth Third Bank