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Information security. Challenges. Perspectives. Solutions.

The Roundtable Network provides a unique face-to-face forum where CISOs, CIROs, and CIOs can exchange views on today's hottest topics in information security.

Industry luminary, Steve Katz, carefully moderates each roundtable drawing out invaluable insights in a confidential setting.

More and more, today's executives are turning to their peers to solve problems and glean recommendations on viable technologies. That's exactly why they covet the chance to attend one of our roundtables on information security and IT risk management.

Read what CISOs, CIROs, CIOs, and other IT execs have to say about the Roundtable Network.

Perspectives, issues, and commentary from recent roundtables.

The most unique feature of our IT security roundtables is the lively and enthusiastic discussion that results.

Read CISO commentary from recent roundtable events.

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